Recycled heavy duty cushioning rolls are produced by recycled polythene granules and reduce your input costs with price advantages, while contributing to our activities for a cleaner and greener environment by recycling plastic waste. OZKA on-site recycling facility recycles 570 tons/month plastic. Protect your goods for shipping and storing with bubble rolls and wrapping with ÖZKA bubble rolls. Easy to customize and available in a wide variety of sizes, it’s ideal for protecting delicate items during shipping or moving processes. Reduce damage and scratches from shifting contents, turbulence, rocky roads, and frequent handling, and add a layer of water-resistant protection. Lightweight and filled with air, this packaging doesn’t add to shipping costs, making it an ideal choice for void fill material.

Also known as high-grade bubble pouches, these are for bagging heavy items. They usually have a double-wall construction with two layers of bubble roll sealed together and their bubble sides sandwiched. This arrangement produces bags that offer better cushioning and bubbles that don’t pop easily.

Heavy duty cushioning rolls are produced between 250 gr/m2 and 350 gr/m2 according your needs. We can meet your heavy duty cushioning rolls requirements up to 200 cantimeters width.