Protect fragile and expensive items during storage and shipping by placing them in cushioning bags. Made of two conjoined sheets of bubble roll, these bags are polyethylene sleeves lined with pockets of air bubbles. The bubbles act as padding for mailed items by providing shock and impact resistance. Browse the large inventory of ÖZKA for your shipping and packaging to find the right bubble sleeves to keep goods safe and undamaged while in transit.

Choose the Right Bubble Bags for Your Needs

Low-density polyethylene is the plastic polymer of choice for making bubble rolls and bags for a number of reasons. It is lightweight, transparent, water-resistant, and insulating. This plastic material is flexible and tear-resistant but also easy to cut with a blade. The standard bubble bag is a general-purpose pouch suitable for a wide range of delicate items.

To send electronic products, choose anti-static bubble sleeves. In addition to serving as padded mailers, these also protect sensitive electronic components by dissipating static charges that could fry circuit boards. While bubble roll and pouches are mostly transparent, they also come in other colors. Choose a clear cushioning bag to make it easy to identify contents and pick a colored one to keep its contents hidden. Pink bubble pouches are unique because manufacturers use this color for anti-static options.

Consider Size and Mouth Opening When Shopping for Cushioning Sleeves

Both regular and anti-static bubble sleeves are available in open-end and self-sealing designs. An open-end bag should go inside a closed mailer. This design makes content retrieval easier.