Protect your goods for shipping and storing with bubble rolls and wrapping with ÖZKA bubble rolls. Easy to customize and available in a wide variety of sizes, it’s ideal for protecting delicate items during shipping or moving processes. Reduce damage and scratches from shifting contents, turbulence, rocky roads, and frequent handling, and add a layer of water-resistant protection. Lightweight and filled with air, this packaging doesn’t add to shipping costs, making it an ideal choice for void fill material.

Bubble rolls are produced between 100 gr/m2 and 150 gr/m2 according your needs. We can meet your bubble rolls requirements up to 240 cantimeters width.

Reusable Protection With Bubble Rolls

Regardless of the shape or size of the object, bubble wrap folds around each curve and corner to protect every inch during shipping. Use it to safeguard mirrors and glass from chips and scratches. Cushion delicate crafts, vases, and artwork to keep them intact. When using bubble rolls for shipping multiple items at once, wrap each individually to keep them separate and prevent friction and impact. Choose standard bubble wrap for smaller pieces or irregular shapes with many angles so it fits securely around the objects. Thicker bubbles are ideal for added impact protection and to additional shock absorbency for precious cargo, valuable antiques, and other fragile items.

Use Dispensers for Easy Access to Bubble Rolls

Choose rolls in dispensers and cartons for easy access. Standard rolls include perforated sections every 12 inches for customizing lengths, and cartons protect the bubble wrapping itself from damage and punctures in busy, high-traffic areas. Cover bulky items with extra-wide liner sizes, or select small bubble wrap bags for products such as jewelry, edibles, and small household or industrial products.

What Features Should You Look for in Bubble Rolls?

For moving or shipping televisions, computers, and gaming devices, opt for an antistatic wrap that offers a reduction in static electricity of up to 90 percent. Bubbles with nylon coating provide superior cushioning by minimizing air loss during transportation. For environmentally friendly options, choose materials with recycled content. Look for self-cling liners to secure onto metal and plastic surfaces to prevent shifting or unraveling.

Are Bubble Rolls and Wrap Available in Bulk?

Rolls are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of small and large enterprises alike. Roll lengths range up to 240 cantimetres widths for larger objects. Opt for individual rolls for seasonal use, projects, or in areas with limited storage space. Choose bulk packages of two or four rolls to ensure there is always some on hand. We can meet your bulk roll requirements up to 250 metres/roll.