Stretch films are usually produced transparently. It is also possible to supply in black color according to customer demand. It is a cost effective and efficient packaging material for the packaging of goods thanks to its high stretching property. It is water resistant and ensures that products are protected against contamination, moisture and damage. Thanks to its stickiness feature, the film perfectly balances the transported object and protects against unauthorized opening during transportation.

It is presented according to the needs of our customers in two different ways, hand use and machine use. Hand stretch films are lighter and shorter than machine rolls and provide ease of use for the user. It is designed to prevent the distribution of parcels and loads on pallets and to protect them from moisture and dust during transportation and storage. It is extremely flexible and transparent, wraps around the products and blends perfectly. Working with this stretch film is easy and convenient. Hand stretch film is produced as 12.5- 16.5 -25 and 50 cm wide; thicknesses of 17, 20 and 23 microns and between 100 and 300 meters length as standard.. It is packaged in 6 pieces in a box.

Machine films are preferred for high volume wrapping where product packaging speed and consistency are required. Self-adhesive stretch films are a cost-effective way to deliver a safe shipment, often used to wrap pallet loads. It protects the products from damages that may occur from dust, dampness and excessive movement. It is produced as standard in 50 cm width, 17,20 and 23 micron thickness and 750-1500 meter lengths. It is packaged as one in a box.