Polythene film and polythene sheets are flexible packaging material used for the storage or shipment of products. Polythene film and polythene sheets, which is mostly produced in a transparent manner, protects the products against dust, dirt, moisture and water. Thanks to its transparent structure, it is very easy to identify the products inside. It is also possible to produce it in almost all colors upon request. In single layer production, we can meet your needs for plain nylon from 20 microns to 400 microns.

Polythene film and polythene sheets are used in many industrial fields, including automotive, furniture, textile, building materials and manufacturing industries. Polyethene film on a roll, often called plastic or poly film, takes up little space. Similarly, a polyethylene sheet is about 200 times thinner than a single ply cardboard. Both polyethylene film and polyethylene sheets offer a low-cost adaptable, functional form of packaging in most industries and can be easily customized to your product. Polyethylene film and sheets provide a cost-effective barrier between your products when stacked, and can also be used to cover products to keep contaminants away.

Clear polythene protects against dust and moisture, and also allows your product to be seen when viewed from the outside. Clear polythene has many uses; Where it is necessary to read the barcodes behind the packaging material, when it is necessary to visually identify the goods during transport and delivery, or when sunlight is needed when using it as a dust barrier on a construction site, etc.

Tinted polythene provides a distinctive appearance; if it is necessary to quickly identify different parts in a large stock holding area, classify the manufactured products in a warehouse, etc. In such cases, you can choose tinted polythene.

Opaque polythene provides you with a non-transparent packaging; It can be used to protect a product from damage caused by direct sunlight, create a contrasting background to highlight your print design, hide the appearance of the product during transport, etc. In such cases you can use opaque polythene.

Special purposed polythene films are used when your packaging needs to perform beyond standard properties. They can be used in various situations. If your products will be exposed to direct sunlight during storage or transportation, (UV protected), packaging of products that are sensitive to static electricity (Anti-static) or when the product needs to slide into the package easily during packaging (Skid)


Printed polythene film and sheeting can display company logos, recycling instructions, safety information and product information, you can use this type of polythene if you need to: Print your company brand to increase your brand awareness, Instruct the end user of a suitable recycling point for their polythene waste to be disposed of or Display safety warning notices on packaging film.

Thanks to our 6 colored flexoprint system you can have printing up to 290 cantimetres width on single layered polythene films/ polythene sheets.


Recycled Polythene film and polythene sheets are produced by recycled LDPE raw materials. Recycled Polythene film and polythene sheets reduce your input costs with price advantages, while contributing to our activities for a cleaner and greener environment by recycling plastic waste. OZKA on-site recycling facility recycles 570 tons/month plastic. Recycled Polythene film and polythene sheets are used across a range of industries including the automotive, furniture, textile and manufacturing industries. Often referred to as plastic or poly film and sheets, polythene film on a roll takes up little storage space. Similarly, a polythene sheet is approximately 200 times thinner than single wall cardboard. Both polythene film and polythene sheets offer a low cost adaptable and functional form of packaging across most industries and are easily customised around your product. Polythene film and sheeting provides a cost effective barrier between, your products when stacked and also can be used to cover products keeping out contaminants.